Spring Cleaning Your Home

Spring Cleaning your Home


It’s that time of year again! Are you in need of a few tips to start Spring Cleaning your Home? Que the  blooming flowers, a nice breeze, the sunshine and I just naturally get the urge to get my home in order. A few new products, perfectly packaged and clean scents of lavendar or lemon seem to help set my mood as well! I do make a  punch list to reference so that I can accomplish all of my chores, then I roll open the windows and relax by that nice breeze, enjoying my Spring Clean Home! My to do list for “spring cleaning” equals a few very specific chores that make me feel like my house is extra-clean. Here are my “spring cleaning” chores.   


1) Fridge & Freezer
Take out every single item. Toss expired or almost empty items. Scrub down each shelf and drawer with a mild cleaning solution. Gett any drips, spills or crumbs.

2) Pantry
Take out every item. Toss out anything expired or unwanted. Wipe down the shelves and pantry floor. Re-organize.

3) Clothes Closet
Wash and put away winter sweaters, scarves and jackets. Pull out summery pieces. Take time to sort out any clothes I haven’t worn in a long time and need to donate. Take care of any loose or missing buttons or any other mending.

4) Baseboards, Windows, and Doors
 Scrub down baseboards with a soft cloth and mild cleaning solution. Gently wipe down all of the window sashes and muttons. Clean the windows, inside and out. Scrub down the entry and commonly used doors, wipe down the the knobs.

5) Fireplace, Porches and Garage
Remove any ashes from the fireplace. I like to place a fern in front of the fireplace too. Take everything out of the garage. Sweep the floors, hose if necessary. Reorganize and donate outgrown toys or equipment. Check tools and supplies. Spruce entry ways with potted flowers.



 And that’s it. If those 5 things are done, I feel like I can cross “spring-cleaning” off my list and let out a whoop, whoop! Of course there is the regular cleaning of dusting, vacumming, and mopping but it somehow doesn’t seem to take quite as long when I have already accomplished so much! If you can get the basics done a day or so before your Spring Cleaning, that’s even better. So now equipped with these few tips to start Spring Cleaning your Home, you are ready to get started! Do you have any spring cleaning tips to share with me?                                                                                                                                                                                                    

If you are ready to sell your “Spring Cleaned” home, click here or give Lesa Gilbert a call today 251-656-9673.                                                                                  




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