This House Is So Clean It Looks Like No One Lives Here

We all have these type of people in our lives: the kind of person who is really funny when they are around you and just kind of a “wall flower” when they are in a group. They blend into the crowd and that’s fine with them. But when they are with THE RIGHT group of people they become the funniest person you know and don’t mind being in the limelight. How does that happen?

It takes the right blend, the right mesh, the right harmony or the right puzzle pieces to fit to make the perfect sound, the perfect relationship, the perfect sound or the perfect scene. So some folks will know when they have found their perfect house right off the bat and some won’t because there may be something missing.

I have a really great house listed in Fairhope, Alabama in a terrific location that’s close to practically everything. It’s so neat and clean that I think it’s much like a “wall flower” that has blended in to the scenery and is waiting for the right mesh with house hunters who are the type that like everything very neat and tidy with zero clutter. This house is so fresh and clean that an agent told me she didn’t know anyone was living there!

So picture in your mind a quiet brick house on a quaint street. When you walk in the front door the subtleness will make you feel comfortable and the quality will make you feel like you belong.


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