What Serious Horse Owners Look For In A Property

Horse Owners are Special Interst Buyers and it helps tremendously if they have a real estate agent who understands their needs. For some of these buyers the BARN will be more important to them than the house. This is because Horse Ownership is a Lifestyle In Itself.

Here Are Some Things That Serious Horse Lovers Look For When Searching for Property:

  • Enough Pasture: The rule of thumb is 1.5 acres per Horse
  • Good Fencing: Wood and electric fencing is acceptable. Barbed wire is hazardous.
  • Good Shelter:  A barn with stalls at least 12×12 is usually the most desirable. Here in the Southern Alabama where our climate is tropical it’s necessary to have a Barn with good ventillation and air flow. Our climate allows for the option of open-sided stalls. When our temperature is below 40 degrees 
  • Shade: This is necessary here in the South. Horses in pasture all day must be able to escape from the sun at least a few hours per day.
  • Fun/Safe and Close Places to Ride: It’s always nice to be able to tack up your horse and ride from your own barn sometimes rather than trailer.

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